Best Fishing Lures for Bass

A new year has come and if you are planning on trying the best fishing lures for bass of 2019, you might want to check out the following options. Whether you have been fishing for years or just starting out, below are the best lures for bass that you may want to consider for better results. I tried to review the best lures for bass fishing and also considered different water conditions in my choices..

Below are my top 6 best fishing lures for bass in  2019. Read along to learn more about their features, design and why you might want to consider adding these to your tackle box.

Bass Pro Shops Hawk Minnow

The Bass Pro Shops Hawk Minnow is definitely one of the best lures for bass in the world today. It showcases a very detail-oriented lure that features lifelike color patterns. It also comes with a very durable finish and an integrated weight transfer system. We love this fishing lure because it casts like a rocket, suspends perfectly, and cranks down quickly. It also works very effectively because it pulls strikes from finicky bass whatever the conditions may be. Bass Pro Shops Hawk Minnow

The Bass Pro Shops Hawk Minnow provides high-quality components which includes flat-sided treble hooks. These hooks will not scratch the lure’s sides. If you plan to use a fishing lure for bass with all the right combinations of features, then the Bass Pro Shops Hawk Minnow is the perfect choice!


The LIVETARGET Frog is one of the most detailed fishing lures ever! The details on this lure are amazing. Because of its realistic features, you will definitely experience an improvement in your fishing action. If you like fishing in an area with lily pads, this bass fishing lure is perfect.

The LiveTarget Frog has detailed ears, spots, bulging eyes, and front arms. It is comprised of a durable body with ultra-soft features. This provides improved collapsibility for greater hook-ups. The foolproof weedless design also helps navigate through water thickets. I recommend the LIVETARGET Frog because of its realistic design combined with its durable features. You don’t need to be an expert to use the LIVETARGET Frog, even beginners can hammer the bass with this weedless frog. We highly recommend this for 2019!

Norman Lures Thin N Crankbait

The Norman Lures Think N Crankbait showcases a narrow slab-sided look. It also features a rounded shape that is very distinct. This lure has a coffin-style lip that works to produce an effective rolling action. It works best on shallow waters and also when aiming for suspended fish.

The Norman Lures Thin N Crankbait is definitely one of the fishing lures for bass that you should check out if there are very few weeds or around timber and bass are feeding on bluegill. It comes with quality #6  hooks and can dive from 2’ to 5’. The Norman Lures Thin N Crankbait will definitely pack a punch! With its great features and distinct design, this lure definitely belongs in your tackle box.

Megabass PopMax

The Megabass PopMax is an upgrade to the well-known PopX. This lure is inspired by the hand-carved design of Yuki Ito. This fishing lure showcases a bigger body and also comes with a gill system that has been redesigned. The Megabass PopMax has a unique gill system that has a water chamber along with 6 water intakes. These intakes work by channeling water via the gills then out through the sides. This action helps produce a one-of-a-kind chugging action that creates a disturbance on the water’s surface. This system that makes the lure grounded and can be worked faster without the lures skipping across the water. When the lure is paused, the water flows out from the chamber which leads to the raising of its head as if its looking around. The Megabass PopMax features the winning elements of both dog-walkers and poppers. The high-quality features and performance of this bass fishing lure makes it a no-brainer.

Bass Pro Shops® Z-9® Jack’d Up Shad

The Bass Pro Shops® Z-9® Jack’d Up Shad already has an incredible name and this lure definitely lives up to it. It works by producing an unstoppable and wild swimming motion that attracts bass from all directions. The Bass Pro Shops® Z-9® Jack’d Up Shad actually works effectively due to its lip and how it produces a side-to-side wobbling action. This movement accentuates the smooth swimming action.

This lure may prove to be one of the deadliest bass baits ever. The Bass Pro Shops® Z-9® Jack’d Up Shad is comprised of premium black-nickel hooks and a T-shaped belly hook. This Bass fishing lure showcases improved performance and top-quality durability.

All-Terrain Tackle Grassmaster Jig

The All-Terrain Tackle Grassmaster Jig is definitely one of the best fishing lures for bass available right now! It works by punching through even the thickest weedgrowth then return clean or with a hooked bass. The name says it all. The All-Terrain Tackle Grassmaster Jig works well even on areas with heavy weeds. It has a hidden-eye design that makes it perform better than other lures.

It comprises of a strong fiber weedguard, a 50-strand Pro-Tie skirt, a durable Mustad Ultra-Point hook, and a Trail R Loc keeper. We highly recommend this lure because it comes packed with high-quality features that can haul in even the biggest largemouths out there.

Final Impressions

These Bass fishing lures are my favorite and I hope you will have as much luck with these as I have. Please leave a comment or picture of your results. Good luck fishing!


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