LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures: A Comprehensive Review  

LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are very important when it comes to fishing. As much as people know that this item is essential while you fish, not many are aware of what is the real reason behind it and what exactly is its job in order to attract the fish. So, let’s shed some light on this subject.

What is a Fishing Lure?

A fishing lure is basically a type of an artificial fishing bait designed and used to attract the attention of the fish. The fishing lure uses vibration, flash, movement, and colors to bait the fish. Lures can be equipped with either one or more than one hook, and these hooks are used to catch the fish when they strike the fishing lure.

Certain fishing lures can also be placed on a spear so that it can attract a fish and can be directly impaled into it. This is typically done when you plan on catching the fish by hand. In most cases, the lures are attached to the end of the fishing line. Further, each lure has different styles of hooks and is attached to the body. These are designed in a manner to elicit a strike that will result in a hookset.

Lures are typically made commercially, but you can also create your own lure using fishing flies. However, tying the fly lures by hand to match the hatch is considered to be a major challenge by several amateur entomologists.

Methods of Using a Fishing Lures

A fishing lure can either be tied with a knot, such as improved clinch knot, or it can be connected with a small device called a swivel, which resembles the safety pin, on the fishing line. This is connected via the arbor to the reel, and this reel is attached to a rod. So, the motion of the fishing lure is made by winding the line back on the reel, taking the fishing rod and sweeping it, and then causing a jiggling motion with the fishing rod.

Types of Fishing Lures

There are several different types of fishing lures, and most of them are manufactured in order to resemble a prey for the fish. However, some of them are engineered not just to attract a fish but to appeal its sense of territory, aggression, and curiosity.

Most fish lures are created to look like they are fish that are either dying, fast moving or injured. Let us list some that are commonly used.

  • Surface Lures: Also known as topwater lures, this fishing lure looks like fish prey and floats on top of the water. They are capable of creating a pop or a buzzing sound. However, it takes a while to get used to these.
  • Spoon Lures: These kinds of lures resemble a spoon, with one end being wide rounded and the other being narrowly pointed. They are quite similar in shape to the concave spearhead.
  • LED Lures: These lures have built-in LED and battery so that the light can attract the fish. The lights can either have a flashing or a strobing pattern.
  • Soft Plastic Baits: These are lures that are made either of plastic or rubber and are designed to resemble a fish, a squid, a crab, a frog and other creatures.

These are few of the top kinds of fishing lures, and if you are on a lookout for one, then you are in luck as we are going to be reviewing the LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures.

Features of LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures

Why settle for one or two, when you can get a pack of 30 fishing lures. It is a known fact that when it comes to fishing, you have to try multiple lures in order to attract fish, and that’s what great about this product from LotFancy. Their assortment of fishing lures will ensure that you are successful every time you are in the water.

Amongst the 30 lures, some of them include a weever, horse mouth, mandarin fish, blackfish, and several others. Most of these lures are quite shiny which will attract the fish. Certain lures, in particular, have very bright colors which are specially created to catch big fish. Without the hooks, the sizes of the lures range between 1.57 and 3.66 inches in length. Each of the lures has two sharp treble hooks, and it is made out of PVC plastic and stainless steel.


  • 30 different types of fishing lures
  • Comes in bright colors to catch big fish
  • Each lure comes with two sharp treble hooks
  • Made out of sturdy PVC plastic and comes in multiple sizes


  • Sometimes the company ships a couple of packages that contain fewer than 30 lures.
  • The hooks tend to break.


The LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures is a fantastic set of lures that will make fishing not only easy but also fun. Each of these lures is different from each other in shape and size. Further, it includes multiple kinds of lures such as blackfish, weever, etc. The lures are made out of a high-quality PVC plastic and stainless steel, and their lengths range anywhere from 1.57 to 3.66 inches.


We compared the LotFancy 30 Pieces Fishing Lures to the Aorace Fishing Lure Kit. It became clear right from the start that the former fishing lure was far more superior to the latter. Let us discuss why.

For starters, the LotFancy offers 30 pieces of fishing lures in comparison to Aorace’s nine pieces only. The Aorace’s fishing lures also come in one particular size only, which means it won’t attract all kinds of fish. Other than the size, even the type of fishing lures remains the same, unlike the LotFancy’s lures which are available in different types and sizes.

Lastly, Aorace’s fishing lures also have stainless steel treble hooks. However, there is only one of them on each of the lure. On the other hand, LotFancy offers two sharp hooks on each fishing lure.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is very clear that the LotFancy Fishing Lures is an excellent product for the next time you go fishing. You get 30 pieces of fishing lures in one set and each of them is of multiple types and sizes to ensure that you catch different kinds of fish. Its fantastic quality and sharp stainless-steel treble hooks will ensure that the fish is impaled right away.

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