Best Fishing Knot Tying Tool Review

Fishing is a tricky business that comes with a ton of technicalities and things that you need to be really careful about. Ranging from getting the right fishing pole, fishing net, to a fishing knot tying tool. There’s a lot that you need to buy and have if you plan on having good fishing experiences.

Let’s talk about tying a fishing knot. By the words, it might seem fairly simple to tie a fishing knot, but in reality, it’s really isn’t. Even if you have steady fingers, you can still find it difficult to tie fishing knots, especially if you’re on a moving boat. The same is the issue if you’re not good at moving and bending your fingers to tie complicated knots.

Another problem tying fishing knots can be the lack of natural or good light, which also is quite important, given the fact that it’s a very precise procedure. All these problems of tying knots can and are easily overcome by fishermen by using a fishing knot tying tool.

Fishing knot tying tools are easily available in stores and online. But since there’s such a wide variety available, it’s hard to pick out the best one. Lucky for you, we’ve found the best fishing knot tying tool for you.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool. We’ll be getting into the depths of the features it comes with. We’ll also mention the pros and cons. And we’ll explain why this is probably the best fishing knot tying tool you can get your hands on, online.



In this section, we’ll be diving into the key features of the HOOKE-EZE Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool. And we will see what makes it such a great product for your fishing adventures.

Incredible Design

The HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Knot Tying Tool has an elegant and simple design that makes your knot tying jobs easier. It follows a very simple pattern where you just have to open the tool. Then you have to put the hook inside it and tie up whichever knot you want. The design of this incredible fishing knot tying tool comes with a swivel. This helps in seamlessly twisting your hook while it’s steadily placed inside the tool. There’s also a line cutter at the back of the tool which helps you in quickly cutting loose ends or trimming the line.

Cover Protector For Hooks

The Hook-Eze fishing gear knot tying tool also works as your hook’s protector. You can easily prevent bad accidents simply by clipping the Hook Eze tool over the hook when it’s not being used. After this, just put the ring on the rod and you’ll be done and all safe. With this cover, you will always stay safe, regardless of where you’re taking the gear. This tool makes your rod safer and it also saves your car or boat’s upholstery from getting torn by the hook.

Build Quality & Warranty

The HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Tying Knot Tool is quite durable. It’s made from premium quality 100% pure virgin UV Stabilized polypropylene. Moreover, it also comes with fittings that are made with stainless steel. All these materials combined, give you a good tying tool that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and durability tests. Even with such a durable build, the company offers 2 years of warranty on this product. This gives you the freedom of really testing out the tool and make the most out of your fishing experiences.

Incredibly Easy To Use

Many knot tying tools in the market are all good but the process of their knot tying is tough and that is of no use. However, the HOOK-EZE fishing knot tying tool gives you the best and the easiest way to tie knots. It’s safe for even children, so if your kids are missing out on some fishing fun, use this tool to give them a safe start. If you have any kind of disability with your fingers, HOOK-EZE will help you get through it in minutes. And you can easily enjoy catching fishes rather than spending time tying complicated knots.


  • Easy to use, making it amazing for adults as well as children
  • Provides protective covering on hooks, saving you from a lot of accidents
  • You get 2 items in just one pack  
  • Fully efficient for all kinds of weather conditions
  • Offers incredible value for its money


  • Opening or closing the lid can be a little hard for the kids
  • If you’re wearing gloves or if you have big hands, then the O-ring can prove to be a little small
  • The hinge feels a little flimsy and doesn’t feel long-lasting and durable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does the product come with instructions?

Answer: Yes, the HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Tying Knot Tool does come with instructions. These instructions guide you on how to tie hooks, swivel, speed clips, etc. Moreover, there’s also a ton of instructional videos on YouTube. You can watch them and learn how to work your way through the product.

Question: Does the product work for 3 way swivels?

Answer: Although HOOK-EZE is good enough to tie standard swivels and speed clips, unfortunately, it is not designed to work for 3 way swivels.

Question: Does it fully cover the hook?

Answer: Yes, the HOOK-EZE Fishing Gear Tying Knot also works as a protective cover for the hook. All you need to do is take the hook and clip it inside and it will be prevented from causing any accidents.


Fishing is a fun activity that children and adults enjoy alike. With this amazing fishing knot tying tool, HOOK-EZE, you can make it fun and safe. This is one of the best tools currently available in the market. And one, which is trusted greatly by customers and fishers. We hope that this review helps you in understanding the type of product you want and helps you in finding the best one.


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