Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line: A 2019 Review

Yo-Zuri HD Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line

The contribution of fishing lines to the success of your fish-catching activity cannot be questioned. That is because they are the ones being used to hold and pull the hook wherein the bait is attached.

In the past, they are entirely made using natural fiber materials. Today, modern fishing lines like the Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line are made with different types of artificial compounds or materials.

As an overview, fluorocarbon fishing lines are the newest types of fishing lines that have been added to the monofilament and braided fishing lines . They are generally made using the compound known as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which is commonly termed as fluorocarbon.

They have been initially created to work best for commercial, artisanal, and recreational fishing activities  involving salty bodies of water. However, as time went by, many have already seen the success of some fluorocarbon fishing lines when used in fresh or clear water.

Taking those things into consideration, trying out a fluorocarbon fishing line for your fishing adventures will be a good decision. However, its increased popularity has drawn many manufacturers in producing their own fluorocarbon fishing lines. Hence, the market is already filled with different brands.

In order to help you in your fishing line buying dilemma, let us look into Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line.

Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line: Helpful Facts

This product is manufactured by a Japanese company that has been developing fishing lines, lures, and other fishing-related products for more than five decades.

Main Features:

  • Made using proprietary 100% Fluorocarbon materials that have been formulated and extruded by the company.
  • The length of fishing line is at 100 yards.
  • Thickness or diameter range is from 0.403 to 0.876 millimeters
  • Strength level is from 20 to 80 pounds
  • Colorless or clear fishing line

What You Will Like About It:

  • Invisible when in water
  • Resistant to nicks and scrapes
  • High degree of tensile and knot strength
  • High level of sensitivity
  • Fluorocarbon material used is exclusively produced
  • Sinks in a fast manner
  • Low level of stretch-ability
  • High degree of sensitivity
  • Thin
  • Can be easily cast or thrown into the water
  • Can be used for underwater fishing both in fresh and salted bodies of water
  • Affordable

What You Might Not Like About It:

  • The product has a tendency to tangle when the line is being set up
  • No real spool

Detailed Discussion:


Since Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line is constructed using a company-made and -extruded fluorocarbon material, its purity and quality can be backed up by the company’s laboratory. It is a colorless or clear cord that is wound around two twist-ties instead of a true spool.

With that being said, there is a tendency that the line becomes entangled when you set it up. Nevertheless, if you take extra care and precaution when handling it, the problem can be resolved.

This specific model or variety is sold with a length of 100 yards. Its length and strength level differs for each model of this product line, which is classified based on the pound test used. It ranges from 20-pound to 80-pound varieties. In addition, each model also has different size diameters.

The good thing is that no matter what model you choose, the diameters of each variety are not too high. Thus, they are thin enough which will make it easy for you to cast them in bodies of water.


This fishing line has a light refractive index that is as close as water. Hence, it tends to disappear once it is thrown or cast into the body of water. In addition, owing to the fact that it is made with pure or natural fluorocarbon compounds, its invisibility in water is somewhat better as compared to other fluorocarbon fishing lines.

Hence, fishes will not be distracted with the line. Through that, there is a higher possibility that the fishes will go near and bite the bait. Likewise, the product is also highly resistant to abrasions and UV damages because of the purity of the material used.

This fluorocarbon fishing line also has a high level of specific gravity because the fluoropolymers present in the material have high densities and are tightly packed together. Thus, it sinks in water in a fast manner.

With that being said, you will not be able to use this product for top-water or float fishing adventures. You can only use it for underwater fishing.

In addition, with the high level of sensitivity and low level of stretch capabilities, you will be able to easily detect if a fish has already bitten the bait. In relation to those characteristics, you can also easily pull the line up before the fish gets away.

How Does It Fare Against Other Similar Products?

With so many affordable fluorocarbon fishing lines available in the market, the Ohero 100% Fluorocarbon Leader is the one that closely resembles the Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line with little differences. One is that both of these products easily sink when thrown into the water.

They are also both invisible in the water because of their refractive index. They also both come in different models, diameter sizes, and strength levels. However, the models from Yo-Zuri have smaller diameters than the ones from Ohero.

Final Verdict:

Fishing in fresh and salty bodies of water is a fun, exciting, and challenging outdoor activity that you together with your partner, friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers will surely enjoy. That is especially true if at least one of you would be able to catch a fish at the end of your adventure.

As many experts have said, the success of fishing is not highly dependent on your skills. It is more affected by the fishing equipment that you use.

One of the most important fishing tools that you need to own is a fishing line. When it comes to underwater bait-fishing activities, fluorocarbon fishing lines, specifically the Yo-Zuri H.D. Carbon Fluorocarbon Leader Line will be a good choice.

Although most fluorocarbon lines have similar water-invisibility, sensitivity, stretch, and strength capabilities, the material used for this product are carefully evaluated for its purity. Thus, it is produced in a way that the capabilities of the fluorocarbon materials have been maximized.

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