Stren Original Service Spool Monofilament Fishing Lines Review

Stren Original Service Spool Monofilament Fishing Lines Review

Engaging one’s self in an outdoor activity is a great way to spend weekends and holidays. That is because people will be able to stay away from their normal life routines like going to the mall, watching movies, and eating out.

Thus, they can de-stress completely before going back to work or school. An outdoor, recreational activity that adults and children of all ages can do is fishing.

What is better is that fishing also gives people a chance to bond with each other and catch up with their lives. That is because they will be in an area wherein distractions are little or none at all.

Successful fishing is highly dependent on the tools that people choose to use. Most beginners have assumed that having the best fishing rod is already enough for them to be able to fish comfortably.

Although such has a contribution, fishers should also remember that other materials should also be considered. One of which is a spool of fishing line. It is a long and flexible strand of thread or fiber that is placed in a spool.

It is the one wherein the hook is attached to. It is used to carry the hook and the bait, as well as pull the fish up.

It can then be said that a fisher should use a quality fishing line to successfully hold and pull up a fish that has been caught. In fact, most recreational fishers have lost their caught fish because their fishing lines have snapped while pulling or reeling it up.

Nonetheless, the wearing, tearing, and snapping of fishing lines are not just related to their quality. The situation can also be due to the frequency of usage, where the product is usually used, and the type of fishing line being used.

About the type, a fishing line that is highly and commonly available in the market is the monofilament fishing line. An example of which is the Stren Original Service Spool Monofilament Fishing Lines.

Stren Original Service Spool:

Stren is a company that has been producing fishing lines in the United States of America (USA) since 1958. When it comes to its Stren Original Service Spool Monofilament Fishing Lines, the following important details have been noted.

Stren Original Service Spool Monofilament Fishing Lines Review


  • Made with quality nylon material
  • Equipped with a UV guard
  • Comes in different lengths, breaking strength levels, palettes, and sizes


  • Easy to control and use.
  • Low memory
  • High level of knot strength
  • Resistant to abrasions and sun’s rays
  • Can be used in fresh and salty bodies of water
  • Can be used for morning and evening fishing activities
  • Highly stretchable
  • Sinks slowly
  • Thin
  • Highly sensitive


  • Some of the units break easily

A Detailed Explanation:

The Stren Original Service Spool Multifilament Fishing Line is a product that comes in different lengths. The range is from 120 yards to 2400 yards. It also has diameter sizes from 0.008 inches to 0.18 inches.

Taking such in consideration, the product has units that can be used for shallow and deep water fishing. The thin or small size of the lines available makes them invisible when inside the water. However, the variety that has the smallest diameters can at times break easily.

The product Stern original fishing line also has different breaking strength levels. Thus, they can be used to catch fishes weighing from four pounds to 30 pounds.

The units included in the Stren Original Service Spool Multifilament Fishing Line are all made with a single strand of nylon thread or fiber. Although nylon is a material that is known to be sensitive to sunlight, the aforementioned products are UV-resistant.

That is because the manufacturer has added a UV guard feature. With the added feature, the products’ breaking strength level has also been increased. Also, the items included in this model also have a high level of knot strength. Thus, fishes that have sharp and big teeth cannot easily break them.

In fact, according to some data, the Stren monofilament fishing lines are capable of retaining their 100% line strength levels after a long time that they have been stored.

Owing to the products’ monofilament design, they are flexible enough to the point that the user will have no troubles handling, controlling, and casting them into the river. The convenience and ease that the fisher will experience when using any of the Stren Original Fishing Lines are further enhanced with their low memory feature.

As an overview, memory is a term used in fishing which refers to the ability of the fishing line to take the shape of the spool or reel. Thus, if the product has a low memory, it will still appear straight even if it has been enclosed in the spool or reel for a long time.

All of the multifilament fishing lines included in the Stern Original model are abrasion-resistant and have a high degree of knot strength. With such features, they can stand all types of bodies of water.

People who love fishing at night can easily do so since the product has a unit that comes in a blue fluorescent color. Other colors include clear, lo-vis gold, and hi-vis gold.

Also, the monofilament lines included in this model are also very sensitive. Thus, the fisher can easily feel what is going on under the water.

A Good Comparison:

The Stren Original Service Spool and the Trilene XL are monofilament fishing lines that are strong, versatile, and sensitive. Both also show great castability. They also come in different lengths and breaking strength levels.

However, Trilene XL only has a selection of clear and green color. The ease of use during night fishing is also not a characteristic of the last mentioned product.


In fishing, the fishing line that is to be used depends on the type of fishing activity that the fishermen or angler will engage in. It is also dependent on the type of fish that the person wants to catch.

Thus, it will be more convenient for an adventurous and versatile fisher to use a monofilament fishing line product model that comes in different varieties. With the Stren Original Service Spool, fishermen can choose from monofilament fishing lines that have different lengths, sizes, strength levels, and colors.

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