Rio Perception Fly Line Review

The Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line gives anglers the option to easily connect with a lot more fish in the river, stream or lake. This fly line relies on the ConnectCore Technology to provide ultra-low stretch capabilities and improved sensitivity levels to get the sharp, precise mends, easier line lift, and better cast timing. The low stretch property means the ability to detect a catch is enhanced and gives the chance for quicker reaction times when using the hook.

Features You’ll Value

Very well built line, the Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line is a highly desirable option for the keen angler and has several popular features. Here are a few of its most promising features:

Connect Core Technology

The fly line is made with the latest Connect Core Technology which has the ability to deliver ultra-low stretch and significantly increase the level of sensitivity. This means the cast timing is better and more intuitive. Other positives include the precise, sharp mends and easier line lift.

Multicolored line

The fly line is multicolored to make it easier for the angler to keep an eye on the line in the event of a drift. The line color varies from a bright to dark green.

In addition to being easier to track, the colored line means it is a lot easier to determine how much line is out simply by looking. This multicolored line is accepted by fish and there is a low risk of spooking the nearby fish.

Weight profile

The Rio InTouh Perception Fly Line has a great weight profile that is perfect to help with roll casting and is a practical choice for long and short distance casting.

What Consumers Say

If you really want to know what other anglers have said about the Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line, why not take a look at the following pros and cons sourced from real life customer reviews:


  • Well built and reliable line
  • Relatively acceptable price
  • Useful line that makes it really easy to mend
  • Great casting and responsive line
  • Easy to track with the multicolor design
  • Gives the option to improve speed during hook set
  • Minimal (in any) stretch in the line
  • Very easy to notice the light strikes
  • Floats well


  • Coloring could spook certain fish species


Works great, the Rio InTouch Perception Fly Line is one of the best options for a wide range of fishing styles. It is a practical choice for both long and short range casting and a reliable choice for roll casting.

The green color scheme of the line is great and easily noticed in the water. But, even with the gray/tan/camo type color scheme, there is a low risk of disturbing most fish. The actual line is quite supple and is easily directed in a straight line to ensure it reaches its intended target.

Plus, the “no-stretch” quality is a very nice touch. For the anglers that have spent a lot on a high-end rod, it certainly benefits to combine that with the best lines, which certainly includes the choices offered by Rio Perception.

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