Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line Review

Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line Review

Fishing could be a good potential for earning extra income. It could be a healthy bonding activity too for friends and family.

Although most men are into it, anyone can do it – women or men, young or old. Fishing can be recreational (for sport or pleasure), commercial (for profit), or artisanal (for survival in developing countries).

Techniques in fishing can be used by various methods – spearing, hand gathering, trapping and angling. Angling is can be both easy and challenging. It is the method by means of an angle or hook attached to a line and often weighted down by a sinker.

Similar to angling is line fishing. It is the technique of fishing with the use of a fishing line. A fishing line is any cord that is made or used for fishing.

The important factors of fishing lines are weight, thickness, length and material. The thicker and sturdies the line is, the more visible it is for the fish, which is not a good thing for catching.

It is also considerable to examine the fishing condition, know strength, UV resistance, flexibility, castability, limpness, abrasion resistance and visibility of a fishing line.

There are many brands of fishing line but one of the best sellers today is Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line. Does it have all the above mentioned factors? Is it worth the money?

To know more about the product, here are its features that make it unique and stand out among other fishing lines. Also listed below are the pros and cons enumerated by users to help you understand the product.


Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is made of 100% UHMWPE, the strongest fiber in the world. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards resulting in extreme strength, almost zero stretch, an high quality fishing.

To avoid scaring the fish away, it has a smaller diameter compared to other fishing lines. But this width does not compromise its strength and durability. Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is very strong and helps you catch more fish.

For this kind of high quality, fishing line is one of the greatest values. For the price of most lines, Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line stands out because it has superior quality compared to other fishing line brands.

This is also the kind of line that will improve your fishing experience. So whether you are catching walleye, muskie, bass, trout or and other kinds of fish, you can catch them with your own effort.

It has an almost zero stretch and high sensitivity to help you feel if you have already caught a fish or if something is coming near.

Also, Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is round and smooth and comes in extra-long casting.

It comes in two colors: fluorescent green and moss green. Each color lasts long and resists bleeding.

The Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line comes in different sizes: .14mm, .20mm, .36mm, .48mm and .55mm; and various lengths: 150 yards, 300 yards, 500 yards, 1000 yards and 1500 yards.


  • Made of 100% high quality UHMWPE
  • High sensitivity
  • Almost zero stretch
  • Extra-long casting
  • Round and smooth
  • Very strong but small in diameter
  • The color resists bleeding and does not fade
  • Comes in different sizes and lengths
  • Strands are spliceable
  • Affordable
  • Great for catching on the gulf off shore


  • Few color selections
  • Not very thin


The Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is made of the 100% high quality UHMWPE material which is known as the world’s strongest fiber. It can be spliced into two which can deduct its diameter. It has high sensitivity, extra-long casting and is also round and smooth.

It comes in a variety of sizes and lengths that you can choose from. While the color is resistant to bleeding and fading, it only comes in two selections: fluorescent green and moss green.

A few users were not satisfied about the diameter of Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line. They say it is thick compared to other fishing lines. As we know it, thickness can affect the catching of the fish and make the line more visible to them.

Overall, Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is a best seller and a cost effective braided fishing line today. Try it now and see an improved fishing experience.


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