Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line Review

Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line Review

Is fishing your favorite hobby? If yes, then, you understand the importance of the fishing line. Fishing line is an important tool used for fishing; it is a cord that is made or used in angling.

Factors such as length, weight and material are important consideration when choosing a fishing line. Your preference and fishing condition determines which kind of fishing line is best suited for you.

When it comes to choosing a line, it is important to consider the factors such as material, cost, thickness and the kind of line. There is no single best kind of fishing line so it is important to determine your fishing style and condition.

The three most popular kinds of fishing are monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided. Monofilament is the most popular type because it is less expensive and comes in a variety of colors and strength.

Fluorocarbon is better than monofilament because it does not absorb water which can decrease its strength. It is abrasion resistant too and has extremely clear visibility than won’t be detected by fish.

This article features one brand of braided fishing line. A braided fishing line is twice as strong as the monofilament. It sinks faster and does not breakdown and won’t stretch at all.

One of the bestselling braided line is the Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line. It comes in different colors – green, blue, grey, yellow, white and orange.

Here are the features and advantages of Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line. Also listed below are its disadvantages which are worth noting.


Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line is very thin but is made of a tight weave construction. It leaves extremely low memory and is easy to cast and hold. You will be where the fish are with the help of this braided line.

It has extremely unparalleled strength; it does not easily break or get damaged by sun or water. The four fibers that make up this fishing line make this strength possible. Plus, the fibers also make up the consistent roundness that make casting smoother compared to other lines.

You will feel even the lightest bite because Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line has a high sensitivity. With this, you can control how secure the hook set will be and how strong it is in order to endure the toughest fish.

Compared to other brands, Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line is much more abrasion resistant, stretch resistant and strong.

It also comes in a variety of colors such as white, green, grey, orange, yellow and blue. All these colors are good for trolling.


  • Very strong
  • Has very little to no color visibility
  • Line is thick as it is in time
  • Comes in different colors
  • More abrasion resistant
  • Does not stretch
  • Very high sensitivity
  • More flexible compared to other brands
  • Strand made with 4 fibers


  • May be thick for some users
  • One user complain about the line not holding up


Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line could be an excellent choice for your fishing needs. It is very strong so that it can endure even the toughest fish. The colors are invisible and fish can hardly detect them. Therefore, this braided line can take you where the fish are.

Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line is also very sensitive so that you feel even the lightest bite.

It surpasses other brands of fishing lines when it comes to durability, tensile strength, knot strength, abrasion resistance and stretch resistance. It is made of four woven fibers that make up unparalleled strength and consistent roundness.

There are three popular kinds of fishing line. But the most suitable in most fishing conditions is braid line.

It is two times stronger than monofilament and does not absorb water which can affect the strength and quality of the line. It does not stretch and is resistant from abrasions.

Pisfun Super Power Braided Fishing Line is a four and a half star braided line that is much better than most fishing lines.

It may come with a few disadvantages such as being too thick or not being able to hold up, but its pros still make it cost effective and much better compared to other braided lines.


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