5 Best Fishing Lures To Buy In 2020

In the race of power and financial advancement, most of us today are living a life that is extremely exacting and strenuous. We are so busy working all the time that we do not even have a couple of moments to stop and take a break for ourselves. Simple things such as taking a relaxing walk in the park or sitting on a riverbank with some fishing lures have become a luxury that we cannot afford.

But when we have been going like that for a while, our batteries are bound to give up. This exhaustion invites issues in mental, emotional, and physical health. From backaches and muscle cramps to anxiety and depression, we are faced with completely new problems. We start experiencing things that we never thought we would.

According to health advisors, the best way to avoid all of this is to make sure that you are giving your mind and body regular time off from the hustle and bustle of modern life. And what better way to take a break than to go fishing?!

Fishing is one of the most refreshing and relaxing sports that was ever invented. Not only does it help you calm down and be mindful about your surroundings, but it also results in something productive. A fish that you have caught, cleaned and cooked on your own surpasses in taste any of the ones that you will find in the market. It is the taste of victory and satisfaction.

The Smart Way To Catch Fish

But actually managing to catch the prey you have got your eyes on can often be tricky. Fish are very elusive creatures and can get away from their predators extremely easily. For this reason, you must always lace yourself with the best fishing lures and other fishing gear before you attempt to go catch some big game.

It is very easy to find fishing lures today. Running one Google search can lead you to hundreds of online shops claiming to sell the best fishing lures. But how can you know which one is actually superior to the others?

Maybe a practiced veteran can spot the right fishing lures to buy easily. But for an amateur, the task can get especially challenging. To make it easier for you, let us review some of the finest fishing lures people are buying today. We will see what makes each fishing lure different from the others, and why someone would want to own them. Let’s dive in.

1. Lifelike, Multi jointed Bass Fishing Lures by ROSE KULI

When it comes to the most lifelike and real looking fishing lures of all, there is none that can match the excellence of ROSE KULI’s Multi Jointed Bass Fishing Lures. These fishing lures consist of a variety of different features that give them their resemblance to real fish.

Key Features

Extremely convincing appearance

This particular fishing lure is extremely realistic and lifelike in its appearance, which is what sets it apart from all the other fishing lures out there. The manufacturing material here is heavy-duty ABS plastic, steel wire, and sharp, metal hooks.

A layer of pearl powder covers the vibrantly colored body. This gives the fishing lure a gleam that an actual fish would have. The 3D eyes are protruding and holographic – just like real fish. To top it all off, the body has multiple joints. These joints allow the lure to ‘swim’ underwater and wiggle just like the other fish in there.

Intelligent design

From first glance, it is apparent that the manufacturers put in a lot of thought while designing this particular model of fishing lure. Great attention was paid to each little detail to ensure that the fishing lure works in the best possible way.

As mentioned before the body is multi-jointed, with a piece of textile fabric traversing through each joint. This allows the lure to attain a very natural S-shaped swimming action. The material used to manufacture the lure is sturdy yet lightweight, allowing the fishing lure to float on top of the water.

However, there is a unique, tongue-shaped projection at the front that allows you to control a dive up to 2 to 3 feet underwater.

The streamlined design minimizes the resistance from the wind while throwing.

Bass vibration and gravity ball

This fishing lure sports a unique gravity ball that makes throwing it to large distances easier. It also comes into play when you want the lure to dive in.

Another special feature of this fishing lure is the bass vibrations that it can produce. When the fishing lure is swimming, it periodically emits some distinctive sounds and vibrations. These can travel in the water and attract any game – whether it is swimming nearby or is far off in the distance.

Made to catch multiple species

The package includes a total of three different styles of fishing lure. These are fit to catch a variety of fish species, including bass, pike, largemouth, smallmouth, walleyes, muskie, and others. The fishing lure is suitable to be used in all water bodies and water types.


  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater alike
  • Sharp treble hook does not let any catch escape
  • Extremely realistic design can trick any fish
  • Vibrant colors and bass sound production attracts far-off game as well
  • A perfect fishing lure for amateur fishing


  • It is unable to dive more than a couple of feet underwater
  • Topwater lure and not fit to catch the game swimming deeper

2.The 102 Pcs Fishing Lures and Gear Kit by PLUSINNO

For those who enjoy fishing regularly and want to up their fishing game, the 102 piece Fishing Lures and Gear Kit by PLUSINNO is definitely worth considering. 

Key Features

An all in one fishing lure and gear set

The 102 piece fishing lure set is the choice fishing gear for those who are looking for a variety of fishing traps and baits at a bargain price. This fishing kit includes all the different types of fishing accessories that you might require. Once you have got your hands on this, it eliminates the need to go and buy individual lures, hooks, jig heads, weight sinkers, line stoppers, barrel swivels or other such paraphernalia.

Highly specific traps and baits

Because there are so many pieces in this fishing kit, there is a trap or lure for every kind of game – big or small. With this set, you will have exactly the tool you need to hunt each fish species. Ultimately, this results in more satisfying and productive fishing experience. 

Comes with a protective case

PLUSINNO recognizes that many accidents may happen with fishing gear, especially if it is left in the open. Hence, they include a smart carrying case with the kit. The safety kit does not only protect you from unfortunate incidents but also keeps your fishing accessories in the best condition while they are not in use.

Compact and convenient

Despite consisting of 102 different pieces, this fishing gear set is extraordinarily compact, convenient, and portable. Simply throw the easy to carry case in your trunk and you are all set to go fishing.


  • This fishing lure set includes a trap for every fish
  • It can be used in the ocean, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, and all other water bodies
  • Believable appearance guarantees a better catch
  • Intelligent design works great at attracting prey’s attention to itself
  • Safe to carry around


  • A little bit of an investment when it comes to fishing lures (priced at $26.59)
  • Can be a little too much to handle for amateurs

3. The Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures

If you have just gotten into fishing and do not yet know what you should go for, the Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lure is a good place to start. This fishing lure only costs about $6 and gives great results with bass and Northern pike.

Key Features 

Attracts game through sound

The Rapala Rattlin’ 05 Fishing Lures gets its name from the special tiny pellets that it is equipped with. These rattling BBs produce harmonic and uniform sounds when the lures ‘swim’. These natural sounds attract game from far and wide and make the lure doubly effective. 

Great for beginners

Because this fishing lure is so economical, it is the perfect pick for amateurs trying to get comfortable with fishing lures. It is great for practicing and gives you a first feel to fishing lures and traps.

Replaceable treble hooks

Two full-size metal treble hooks catch the game and hold on to it. These nickel hooks are secured to the body of the fishing lure with jump rings. Hence, they can easily be replaced with any other hooks that you prefer as well.


  • One of the most economical fishing lures
  • Great for practicing for amateurs and learners
  • Can catch bass and pike
  • Streamline design, fit for both – sinking and floating


  • Not suitable to catch catfish
  • Despite the 2 inches mentioned on the box, the real size of this fishing lure is 2.5 inches

4. The Smartonly 275pcs Fishing Lure Set

The Smartonly 275 pieces Fishing Lure Set makes for yet another great starter kit for those who love to fish. This set is guaranteed to include any fishing lure a beginner may need to catch some impressive game.

Key Features 

Compact and organized storage box

With 275 little pieces, one would think that this fishing set can be difficult to handle. But the compact storage box that comes with the kit makes sure that you do not lose any of these tiny accessories. The box is divided into multiple compartments for each type of hook, minnow, and spinnerbait. These dedicated compartments keep everything organized and in place.

Fit for every water body

Whether you are sitting by a river or in a boat in the middle of the ocean, this fishing kit can be used in all water bodies. The Smartonly Fishing Lure Kit performs equally well without any discrimination between freshwater and saltwater. Moreover, the metal used in the manufacturing process of the many accessories is highly resistant to rust and will last you for years to come without compromising on the performance.

An extensive variety of traps and fishing lures

As you can imagine, with 275 different accessories you get a variety of traps and fishing lures. All of these different bits and pieces are highly specific to which game they should be used to catch. Using these specially designed gear for its designated purpose makes catching something impressive during a fishing session much likelier.


  • The kit comes in a protective plastic case
  • Provides a large option of lures and traps to hunt with
  • Makes for a great gift for your sporty friends and family


  • Colors cannot be chosen and are sent by the seller at random
  • Some of the fishing hooks in the kit are too tiny to be easy to use
  • The small, protective plastic case barely holds all the 275 pieces

5. The Fishing Lures for Bass 16pcs Set by PLUSINNO

The PLUSINNO’s 16 piece Bass Fishing Lure is yet another strong contender for the finest fishing lures available today. This set is not too busy to be overwhelming but still contains a significant amount of pieces to have a variety of hooks and traps that you need.

Key Features 

Vivid colors and realistic swimming actions

This fishing lure set has a lot of vivid, lively colors. These bright colors attract the game swimming by and invite them to bite on the bait. The realistic swimming actions of the fishing lure make it seem like a shrimp or small fish to prey on. When combined, these factors make for an effective fishing lure that significantly improves the chances of you managing to catch something impressive.

Portable and convenient carry bag

The 16 pieces of this set come arranged in an orderly manner. These are stored in a compact and convenient carry bag that can easily fit in your dashboard.

Spinning blades producing sound and vibration

Premium quality spinning blades on these fishing lures emit continuous flash and vibrations that lure in the game. No fish can resist the curiosity these two will invoke and will surely bite the bait in attempts to investigate.


  • The storage bag keeps you and your fishing accessories safe and protected
  • Streamline design to avoid air and water resistance during motion
  • Makes the perfect gift for anyone who likes to fish
  • Each trout bait comes with 1 sharp and treble hook


  • Meant to catch bass but not great at catching catfish
  • One of the manufacturing materials for the hooks is lead, which can be harmful for human health

Comparison chart

1. Lifelike, Multi jointed Bass Fishing Lures by ROSE KULI 12.5 g / 0.44 oz ABS plastic, steel wire, metal treble hooks
2. The 102 Pcs Fishing Lures and Gear Kit by PLUSINNO 17.6 oz Environmental friendly plastic and metal
3. The Rapala Rattlin 05 Fishing Lures 6.4 oz Plastic and metal

Nickel treble hooks

4. The Smartonly 275pcs Fishing Lure Set 16 oz (1 pound) Plastic, silicone, and metal
5. The Fishing Lures for Bass 16pcs Set by PLUSINNO 0.14 – 0.42 oz (4 g – 12 g) Metal (brass, steel, silver, lead)

How To Shop For The Best Fishing Lures – Fishing Lures Buying Guide

In the world we live today, we have more options than we can count. Every other sports store is claiming that they have the best sports gear that you could get. They tell you that you will not find a product like this at this price anywhere else. And that you are guaranteed to have the most fun and catch the most fish with the fishing lures that they have to offer.

Instead of taking these shop owners at their word, a smart buyer would do his or her own research. Only when you know what makes fishing lures great can you expect to pick the right one for yourself. Read on this buying guide to know what to look for when you go out to buy a fishing lure.

Realistic appearance

With a fishing lure, the goal is to trick the big game into thinking that the trap is a smaller fish itself. For that, your fishing lure must be as realistic and lifelike as possible. A fishing lure that is not believable is not going to give you any catch, no matter how long and hard you try.

There are quite a few things that come in when you talk of a fishing lure being realistic. Firstly, the color should be vibrant so as to grab the attention of the prey as well as mimic the dazzling hues of the sea creatures themselves. Reds, blues, greens, oranges and bright yellows work the greatest when it comes to attracting this attention. A shiny finish also gives the right appearance.

Other than looking like the fish you will find, the best fishing lures also move like the same. This requires fishing lures to be flexible, springy, and elastic. A fishing lure that has multiple joints in the body performs the function excellently.

Some fishing lures sport extra features that make them more believable as prey in the eyes of the game. These include emitting special sound waves, vibrations that attract the big fish, and flashes of light.

Safety and ease of use

Whenever one is working with sharp blades or hooks, a concern for safety arises. While relaxing yourself on a fishing holiday, nobody wants to worry about accidents happening. To minimize the chances of ruining your day with an emergency trip to the hospital, make sure that your fishing gear has all the safety precautions it needs.

A fine fishing lure would come with protective covers for any sharp bits and pieces of your fishing lure kit. A case where you can keep all the tools strapped down is your best option. And in case you do end up poking your finger with the sharp hooks, there should be a way that you can easily release the flesh without causing ugly and painful tears in it.

Durability and longevity

This factor is something one always keeps in mind, no matter what it is that they are shopping for. Similarly, it must be accounted for when you are buying some new fishing lures as well.

It is pointless to buy a fishing lure that will break apart the first time you use it. That would simply be flushing your money down the drain. Not to mention that you will also be losing the big game that you spent hours trying to catch. So, it is important that you test how sturdy and well made a fishing lure is before you carry it over to the counter and pay.

To ensure the durability of a fishing lure, consider what the manufacturing material for the product is. Though metal fishing lures are usually the most hard-wearing ones there are, some excellent ones can also be made out of good quality plastic. As long as the fishing lure will not snap in two due to the weight of your catch, or rust away in salt water, you are pretty much good to go.

Here’s an extra pro tip for finding premium quality, durable fishing lures: the more well made the product is, the longer the warranty period is likely to be.

The price point

Last but not the least, the fishing lure that you want to buy should also be within your budget. Fishing lures are generally not very expensive, but you need to make sure that you are only paying for something that is worth it. The best fishing lures are the ones that give you great value for money and do not cost you a fortune.


These are the 5 best fishing lures that you can get and turn your fishing expedition into a fun and easy chore. Apart from that, fishing rods are also important when you want to catch fish. Here are some of the most amazing fishing rods for you.

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